What in the World is Britney Spears Up To?


Britney is blowing up pop music with her numerous big announcements. And as a living, breathing human on this earth, you should obviously be in the know when it comes to music’s number one star.

New single – Yes, Britney has a new single. Club banger, Swedish House Mafia inspired, and former holder of the #2 spot on iTunes (darn you, “Wrecking Ball“!), “Work B**ch” is turning heads with her signature British accent and overly autotuned vocals. And you know what’s really cool? It’s getting some really, really great reviews, especially this Billboard article. Even though I’m not a particularly lyrically oriented person, I love the lyrical content of this song. “You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work, b**ch!” Yes ma’am you better. Proud of you for working hard, Brit.

New album – And yes, the lead single will be featured on a brand spankin’ new Spears masterpiece of an eighth album, due out December 3rd, 2013, just one day after the queen’s birthday. My usual December 2nds include a cake and blasting Brit music while flipping out with fellow fans via Twitter and other social media, but this time we’ll be celebrating not only our idol’s 32nd birthday, but the eve of a new era. What we know so far about the album is a collaboration with Sia and a very personal twist including writing about her breakup with Jason. So pumped.

New Vegas Residency – And YES, Britney will be completely taking over Vegas with her newly confirmed two-year Planet Hollywood residency. Planet Hollywood’s recently renovated venue now boasts the title as the world’s largest indoor projection theater, and Britney will showcase her greatest hits and new material on that very stage from December to February– with many more dates to come. Check out all the extensive details on its official website, and don’t miss our very own fierce leader Jordan (administrator of the world’s largest Britney Spears fan resource, Breatheheavy.com), talk about his experience on the home page video!

New website – It may not be a big deal, but Britney’s old mess of a website also recently underwent some serious renovation. Head on over to the new and improved britneyspears.com to see for yourself! How cute is that timeline? 1981 is my favorite. She is just adorable!

The new era is upon us, folks. Get ready for some mind-blowing, show-stopping, bold new career moves from the one and only queen of pop. She’s going to rock it.

Side note: I took a trip down memory lane to Britney’s lead single off of her third album last Throwback Thursday. Check it out here.

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